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Available projects

Raman lidar remote characterization of surfaces

Characterization of surfaces can be performed by analyzing the Raman signal from the surface. We suggest using the OPO (Optical Parametric Oscillator) for excitation at two different wavelengths to be able to subtract fluorescence background. The work consists of preparations (excitation wavelengths, detector), measurements and analysis.

Assessment of optical properties with LED spectroscopy

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are recently commercially available in a broad wavelength range. LEDs often surpasses arch lamps, optical filters and diode lasers in terms of robustness, price, photon economy and power, and considerable spectral resolution can be achieved with LEDs for solids and liquids. The task is to design and develop a LED multiplexing device for assessing optical properties such as transmission, reflection, absorptions and scattering coefficients, g-factors, fluorescence and scattering lifetime and anisotropy by means of angular, spatial, polarization or temporal resolution. Results should be compared to existing methods.

Development of a LED based gas correlation instrument for spectroscopic studies

The task is to design and develop a device, based on pulsed light emitting diodes (LEDs), that measures the oxygen concentration inside porous materials and in a multipass cell. The goal is to develop a technique, based on cheap system components, that shows similar performance as a system based on lasers. Comparative measurement to laser based techniques should be performed. The task includes investigation of expected theoretical performance, optics simulation and design, development of system components (optics, fibers, sensors, mechanics, electronics), and development of software algorithms that control the system and interpret measured data in real-time.

Assessment of micro structural information by wavelength modulated diode lasers

The goal is to obtain useful information from the frequency contents of signals cause by micro structural interference when scanning diode laser in the spectral domain. Calculations and realizations on possible extraction of information about number of surfaces, optical path lengths, refractive index and structural sizes should be performed either in point or imaging mode.

Interpretation, calibration and measurements using EEM spectrometer

The goal is to measure and develop routines for interpretation and calibration of a setup for simultaneous acquisition of an excitation emission matrix, absorption and scattering coefficients from a instrument under development. Spectral resolution and valid domains should be estimated. Development and measurements of fluorescent phantoms and appropriate samples will be performed. Possible future development LED sources, time resolved acquisition and anisotropy can be discussed.

Multiple scattering lidar - Large scale GASMAS experiments

Multiple scattering lidar has many parallels to GASMAS. In principle the GASMAS experiment can be performed remotely using lidar techniques if the strong direct reflection can be avoided. Measurements on strongly scattering snow is proposed in testing experiments which may reveal applications regarding the finding of avalanche victims (carbon dioxide signature) or leaks in natural gas pipelines (methane signature). The diploma projects will elucidated how the technology can be demonstrated and implemented.

Medical diagnostic GASMAS

The GASMAS technique has proven to be very useful for the monitoring of human sinus cavities. It is now proposed to extend the work do non-intrusive diagnostics of the lung function in premature and neonatal children. Advanced simulation programs (FRED, ASAP) will be used to simulate what signals can be expected to guide experimental implementation.

Vein elasticity measuring

A well established ultrasonic test is the vein elasticity test, which provides crucial information for the estimation of stoke risk. The task is to contruct a optical alternative featuring time resolved multispectral imaging, and compare measurements to those from the existing method.

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