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FAFF20-FYST29 Multispectral Imaging


Result on the exam and labs

You may look at your exam and discuss it with Sune Svanberg om Monday Febuary 5 between 12.30 and 13.00 in the room A314 (just oposite the room of Lars E) at the division of Atomic Physics




This course is part of the Photonics program at Department of Physics, Lund University. The aim of the course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge concerning the generation of and information extraction from multispectral images in different wavelength regions and on different spatial scales. Basic knowledge of image processing should be attained.


Molecular physics and molecular spectroscopy, multispectral image registration, image processing, orientation on multivariate analysis, detector systems in the laboratory and in space, image processing systems. Space-based remote analysis and astronomical image analysis. Multispectral imaging for medical diagnostics and environmental studies.

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Administrative info

Course code Eng. Faculty: FAFF20

Course code Science Faculty: FYST29

University credits: 7.5 ECTS

Term: Fall 2

Level: G2

Language of Instruction: English

Course Coordinator: Lars Engström


Schedule - TimeEdit
(Note that all lab slots will most likely not be used - see schedule below)

Lab schedule

Recommended prerequisites: Basic courses in physics and mathematics.

Assessment: Written exam and laboratory and computer exercises passed.

Lectures: 40 h

Laboratory work: 12 h