Atomic Physics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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The course literature consists of the course book, laboratory instructions, as well as complementary material used in the lectures.

Course book: Wolfgang Demtröder, Atoms, molecules and photons, An introduction to Atomic-, molecular and quantum physics. Springer, 2010, ISBN: 978-3-64210297-4. Available at the student bookstore KFS and as eBook. It can be reached through the department library

Additional optional literature: S. Svanberg, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy – Basic Aspects and Practical Applications (Springer Verlag), 3rd ed. or newer. Available at the student bookstore KFS.

We do not specifically recommend certain book chapters. Rather the lecture slides generally will contain references to pages in the book where you can read more about the topic and get a better understanding.

Copies of power point slides and other material used in the lectures will be uploaded in the file list to the right during the course. Last years material will be continuously replaced by this years material as the course proceeds. However, if you wish to know before hand what will be covered in each lecture last years material will in most cases be a good match top this years lectures.




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