Atomic Physics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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The intention with the project assignment is to give you the opportunity to explicitly analyze various aspects connected to how different measurements could be carried out, which can be expected to significantly help fulfilling the goals of the course. The information needed to solve the tasks can be found in the text book, in the references in the text book and on the internet.

For the project you are supposed to work in pairs. There are several projects to choose between, each consisting of two sub-projects and you will need to report each sub-project separately. The written sub-project reports are maximum 3 pages, excluding tables, pictures and references. Each sub-project is also presented orally and will be commented and analyzed by two other students, but it is the teachers who will decide whether a sub-project is done or whether it needs to be complemented.

A more in depth description of the projects is given in the link "Projects and project instructions" to the right. There you also find a schedule for the projects.






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