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FAFN35-FYST22 Medical Optics

The course will be given in HT2 2019. Most welcome!

It used to be given in VT2 (last time 2018), but from 2019 on will be given in HT2.

About the course

Welcome to our course homepage in Medical Optics! 

This is the home page for a course in Medical Optics given in Lund, Sweden. The course is elective for students of the D, E, F, N, Pi and NAT programs at Lund University.

Contents and outline

The course gives an overview of the fundamentals of medical and tissue optics as well as more in depth knowledge of a specific field selected by the students themselves.

The overview will mainly be given during the lectures, whereas the in depth knowledge is incorporated into the projects that the students select. The projects can preferably be based on the experience and knowledge obtained within the two laboratory exercises and the three computer exercises included in the course.

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Administrative info

Course code Science Faculty: FYST22

University credits: 7.5 hp

Term: Spring 2

Grading scale: TH

Language of instruction: English

Course coordinator: Cord Arnold and Edouard Berrocal

Course schedule: link

Recommended qualifications: Knowledge of physics at least equivalent to the compulsory courses in Physics at university level; Knowledge of mathematics equivalent to Complex and Linear Analysis.

Admission specifics: The number of participants is limited to 40. Selection Criteria: Priority is given to students with good results from their prior courses and with a biomedical engineering course track.

Assessment: For grade 3, approved project and exercises are sufficient. The project is performed in groups of two students. The project is presented both orally and as a written report. For higher grades a written exam is required. A well performed project can give bonus points at the written exam. The project, two laboratory exercises and three computer exercises are compulsory.

Litterature: The course book is "Fundamentals of Biomedical Optics" by Caroline Boudoux. It can be ordered from or Unfortunately, the student book shop was not able to get a competitive price. Other useful books in Biomedical Optics are:

- Welch, A.J and van Gemert, M.C: Optical-thermal Responce of Laser-irradiated Tissue, Springer 2:nd edition, 2011. 

- Tuchin, V: Light scattering methods and instruments for medical diagnostics, SPIE, Berllingham, Washington, USA 2000.

Many books are available as e-books.We have put up a list with additional relevant literature (link) also in view of the projects. In addition, extra course material is provided via the homepage.

Lectures: 22 h

Computer exercises: 15 h

Laboratory exercises: 10 h

Course project: 80 h

Formal course plan