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International Master Program

The Master in Photonics program at Lund University was started in 2007 to take more advantage of our state of the art facilities by introducing them to potential international students. Since 2007 it was under authority of Faculty of Engineering, LTH, but in 2012 the program is proposed under the authority of Science Faculty as a specification for Master in Physics. 

Our Master’s program offers education in the main areas of photonics: engineering (generation and manipulation of light), communication (transport of information by optical and microwave techniques), diagnostics (utilization of light in industry, health care, etc.) and component technology ( Nanophotonics, On-chip Communication, Optoelectronics, Solar Cells). 

The program will use the advantage of cutting edge facilities at Lund Laser CenterMedical Laser Center and Lund Nanometer Structure Consortium.

The students at Lund university have decided to start OSA and SPIE student chapters as an activity to become more allied and also become more visible to the optical world! Organizing lectures by professors at Lund and outside the Lund they have tried to strengthen their practical knowledge and being more informed about ongoing researchs worldwide! Taking advantage of IDEON science park, students organized " Entrepreneurship and Venture Financing" program to become well prepared for their future carrier!

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