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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Diploma Projects

Tissue characterization using diffuse reflectance- and time-of-flight spectroscopy

Optical techniques have a great potential as diagnostic tools in the medical field. The Atomic Physics Division has a long tradition in interdisciplinary research pursued together with medical researchers. The present diploma project concerns the further development and application of advanced equipment available at the division, and participation in data recordings from patients at the Surgery and/or Eye clinics of Lund University Hospital. The work further includes development of efficient methods for data handling and extraction of parameters of clinical importance, e.g. tissue oxygenation.

For more information: Contact Doc. Nina Reistad, Atomic Physics Division, LU, or Prof. Sune Svanberg,

Biomedical application of gas in scattering media absorption spectroscopy (GASMAS)

GASMAS is a novel high-resolution laser spectroscopic technique with important applications in the field of biophotonics. Ongoing projects, pursued in an interdisciplinary collaboration, include measurements of oxygenation in the lungs of new-born babies, diagnostics of inner-ear infection, and assessment of the viability in bones after fracture. The Atomic Physics Division collaborates with several departments at Lund University, the Applied Laser Spectroscopy Group at South China Normal University (SCNU) in Guangzhou, China, which is associated to Lund, and the Lund company GPX Medical. The work involves further development of existing advanced equipment, and its clinical application after functionality tests on tissue phantom samples. Part of the work may be performed at SCNU, Guangzhou.

For more information: Contact Prof. Sune Svanberg, Atomic Physics Division, Prof. Katarina Svanberg, or Doc. Nina Reistad,