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Selected publications are shown below

Slow light

  1. Group velocity control and pulse compression”, Qian Li, A Kinos, L Rippe, & S Kröll,
  2. Slow-light-based optical frequency shifter, Qian Li, Y Bao, A Thuresson, A Nilsson, L Rippe and S Kröll, PRA 93, 043832 (2016). Paper selected for online display at APS Physics
  3. Spectral engineering of slow light, cavity line-narrowing and pulse compression”, M Sabooni, Qian Li, L Rippe, R K Mohan, S Kröll, Phys Rev Lett, 111, 183602 (2013)

Quantum computing

    1. A confocal optical microscope for detection of single impurities in a bulk crystal at cryogenic temperatures”, J Karlsson, L Rippe and S Kröll, Rev Sci Instr 87, 033701 (2016)
    2. High fidelity readout scheme for rare-earth solid state quantum computing”, A Walther, L Rippe, Yan Ying, J Karlsson, D Serrano, S Bengtsson and S Kröll, Phys Rev A 92, 022319 (2015).
    3. Impact of ion-ion energy transfer on quantum computing schemes in rare-earth doped solids“, D Serrano, Y Yan, J Karlsson, L Rippe, A Walther, S Kröll, A Ferrier & P Goldner, J of Luminescence, 151, 93-99 (2014)
    4. Measurement of line-widths and permanent electric dipole moment change of the Ce 4f-5d transition in Y2SiO5 for a qubit readout scheme in rare-earth ion based quantum computing” Ying Yan, J Karlsson, L Rippe, A Walther, D Serrano, S Kröll, P Goldner, D Lindgren, M-E Pistol, Lihe Zheng & Jun Xu, Phys Rev B87, 184205 (2013) (
    5. Extracting high fidelity quantum computing hardware from random systems”, A Walther, B Julsgaard, L Rippe, Y Yan, S Kröll, R Fisher and S Glaser, Proceedings of the Nobel symposium on qubits for future quantum computers, Göteborg,   Phys. Scr. T137, 014009 (2009) (arXiv:1001.1664).  
    6. Experimental quantum state tomography of a solid state qubit”, L Rippe, B Julsgaard, A Walther, Yan Ying, S Kröll, Phys Rev A 77, 022307 (2008) Full Text  (arXiv:0708.0764). 
    7. "Scalable designs for quantum computing with rare-earth ion doped crystals", J Wesenberg, K Mølmer, L Rippe and S Kröll, Phys Rev A 75, 012304 (2007) Full Text (arXiv:quant-ph/0601141).
    8. "Experimental demonstration of efficient and selective population transfer and qubit distillation in a rare-earth-metal-ion-doped crystal", L. Rippe, M Nilsson, S Kröll, R Klieber and D Suter, Phys. Rev. A 71, 062328 (2005) Full Text.
    9. "Holeburning techniques for isolation and study of individual hyperfine transitions in inhomogeneously broadened solids, demonstrated in Pr3+:Y2SiO5", M Nilsson, L Rippe, S Kröll, R Klieber and D Suter, Phys. Rev. B 70, 214116 (2004), Full Text, errata Phys. Rev. B 71, 149902 (2005).
    10. "Quantum computing with an inhomogeneously broadened ensemble of ions: Suppression of errors from detuning variations by specially adapted pulses and coherent population trapping", I Roos and K Mølmer,  Phys Rev A 69, 022321 (2004) Full Text (arXiv:quant-ph/0305060).
    11. "Initial experiments concerning quantum information processing in rare-earth-ion doped crystals", M Nilsson, L Rippe, N Ohlsson, T Christiansson and S Kröll, Proceedings of the Jubilee Nobel Symposium "Coherence and Condensation" in Göteborg, Dec. 2001, Physica Scripta, T102, 178-185 (2002) (arxiv).
    12. "Quantum computer hardware based on rare-earth-ion-doped inorganic crystals", N Ohlsson, R. Krishna Mohan and S Kröll, Opt. Commun. 201, 71-77 (2002).

      Quantum Memories

        1. Efficient quantum memory using a weakly absorbing sample”, M Sabooni, Qian Li, S Kröll & L Rippe, Phys Rev Lett, 110, 133604 (2013),
        2. Storage and recall of weak coherent optical pulses with an efficiency of 25%“, M Sabooni, F Beaudoin, A Walther, N Lin, A Amari, M Huang and S Kröll, Phys Rev Lett. 105, 060501 (2010) Full Text (arXiv:0912.2525).
        3. Demonstration of atomic frequency comb memory for light with spin-wave storage”, M Afzelius, I Usmani, A Amari, B Lauritzen, A Walther, C Simon, N Sangouard, J Minár, H de Riedmatten, N Gisin & S Kröll, Phys Rev Lett, 104, 040503 (2010) Full Text (arXiv:0908.2309) (Editor´s Choice in Science 327, 923 (2010)).
        4. "Quantum memory for non-stationary light fields based on controlled reversible inhomogeneous broadening", B Kraus, W Tittel, N Gisin, M Nilsson, S Kröll, and J I Cirac, Phys. Rev. A 73, 020302(R) (2006) Full Text (arXiv:quant-ph/0502184).
        5. "Solid state quantum memory using complete absorption and re-emission of photons by tailored and externally controlled inhomogeneous absorption profiles", M. Nilsson and S. Kröll, Opt. Commun. 247, 393-403 (2005).
        6. "Experimental investigation of delayed self-interference of single photons", N Ohlsson, M Nilsson and S Kröll, Phys. Rev. A 68 063812 (2003) Full Text (arXiv:quant-ph/0301157).
        7. "Complete reconstruction of the quantum state of a single-photon wave packet absorbed by a Doppler-broadened transition", S A Moiseev and S Kröll, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 173601 (2001) Full Text

          Laser development

          1. "Understanding laser stabilization using spectral hole burning", B. Julsgaard, A. Walther, S. Kröll and L. Rippe, Opt. Express, 15, 11444-11465 (2007) Full Text (see also "Laser stabilization using spectral hole burning", L. Rippe, B. Julsgaard, A. Walther and S. Kröll).
          2. "Mode-hop free electro-optically tuned diode laser", L. Levin, Opt. Lett. 27, 237-239 (2002) Full Text.
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