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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Stefan Andersson-Engels

Department of Physics
Lund University


My research interests are within biomedical and pharmaceutical laser spectroscopy applications. Besides optical spectroscopy, both these applications require an understanding of light propagation in turbid media. This has thus been one of the major focus of my research. Another important direction has been towards multidisciplinary research, requiring expertises from many collaborators. These projects has the interesting potential of being application driven, providing possibilities to make a difference in a relatively short time frame.


One main biomedical focus is tumour detection, localisation or delineation of diseased regions. Mostly fluorescence spectroscopy, imaging and tomography are used. Also measurements of physiological tissue properties and quantification of active substances in pharmaceutical preparations is studied. The techniques developed and evaluated in clinical studies and laboratory experiments are fluorescence, Raman and NIR spectroscopy. The clinical applications of this research could be demarcation of malignant tumours in the skin, oral or laryngeal regions, in the urinary bladder, in the brain or in the gastrointestinal tract. A second major part of my research is the development and evaluation methods for laser treatments of diseases. Photodynamic therapy and laser thermotherapy are the techniques. Interstitial delivery of light is developed. Especially, the possibility to use the treatment fibres to also monitor the progress of the treatment is pursued. The interested is to develop interstitial PDT for lesions not treatable using conventional superficial illumination.

In the pharmaceutical projects I am involved in developing optical sensors for in-line measurements. Projects of interest is to develop spectroscopic techniques for improved sensitivity/accuracy in assessing concentration of the active substance in tablets. Another project is directed towards measuring structural parameters of the tablets, related to drug release properties.


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