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Laboratory exercises

There is one compulsory 4 hour laboratory exercise: The rare earth qubit. Make sure you bring pen, notebook, LTH login, lab instructions and other necessary literature to the lab. It is also a good idea to bring a USB-stick. The laboratory exercise is made in groups of four. Make sure you are well prepared.

Laser safety film

To make sure that you have safe routines inside a laser lab you must watch a laser safety film. An e-mail will be sent out with instructions on how to watch the film. Contact the course responsible if you have any questions regarding this.

Signing up

The sign up lists for the labs will be brought to the lectures.


It is very important to prepare well for the laboratory exercise: read the instructions and do the preparation exercises. If you have problems with the preparation exercises you are welcome to contact the lab instructors to get help with this. Please note that if you have not done the preparation exercises you will need to wait to carry out the lab until the next time the course is given. We strongly advice you to start the preparation exercises well before the lab occasion.



After the laborations you need to write a report. You can write your lab report alone or you can be two persons writing your lab report together. Unless otherwise agreed with the labinstructor the report should be handed in within one week from the lab occasion. The report can be handed in, e.g. through e-mail. Unless otherwise agreed the corrected report will be returned to you within one week. If there are things you need to correct after receiving the report it should be returned within one week.

If you use text or figures that you have not produced yourself it must be clear to the reader that it is not your text or figure and what the source is. If you do this without making clear that it is not your text or figure you are considered to be cheating.

More information about how you write a report can be found here:

Writing a laboratory report