Atomic Physics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Facilities and Equipment

The research on quantum computing and quantum memories both rely on an advanced experimental setup with a frequency stabilized laser at its core. Below is a simple figure of an overview of our experimental setup:



The most important equipment we use is listed below:


  • Lasers:

    • Coherent 699-21 dye laser, pumped by an Nd laser for 606 nm (Praseodymium) or 580 nm (Europium)
    • External cavity mounted diode lasers for 370 nm (Cerium) or other species.

  • Stabilization and pulse shaping:

    • Both the dye laser and the diode laser for 370 nm is frequency stabilized Pound-Drever-Hall locking to a stable high finesse cavity.
    • The final linewidth of the dye laser is about 10 Hz, and for the diode laser about 1 kHz
    • Accurate control of the phase and amplitude of the pulses is provided through a calibrated sequence of Acusto-Optic Modulators (AOMs)

  • Cryostats:

    • Oxford Instrumets bath cryostat with 8 T magnet
    • Oxford Instruments flow cryostat
    • Liquid Helium and Nitrogen supplied by in-house production facilities

  • Software:

    • Experimental control system is custom built using LabView and Matlab programming



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