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How to join


Why joining?

As a student member of SPIE and OSA you can apply for grants to go to conferences, win awards for your research and get to know people in your field from all around the world.

You get access to a selection of SPIE and OSA journals, to keep up to date with research in optics and photonics.

The Lund University SPIE/OSA student chapter sends one or two students to SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego, funded by SPIE, and one or two students to OSA Frontiers in Optics, funded by OSA, every year. 

The student chapter organizes lectures, lab tours and professional development for researchers as well as undergraduate students. The aim is to be a link between students and the international research community within optics and photonics.

The student chapter also organizes social events to get to know students and researchers within the field. A great way to network for a future in optics and photonics!

To be student member of OSA and SPIE you have to pay a yearly fee ($20 for SPIE and $40 for OSA). 

But you don't have to be a member of OSA or SPIE to join the student chapter! If you are just interested in the activities organized by the chapter, you can join without paying anything!

I only want to join the student chapter

This is easy!

Just send an email to

Write "I want to become a member!" and your full name and email adress.


I want to join SPIE and the student chapter

  1. Become a student member of SPIE:

    Go to the SPIE homepage and choose to Join as a student member.

    Fill in your details and pay the annual membership fee ($20).

  2. Choose to be a member of the Lund University student chapter in your account settings. We will be notified.

I want to join OSA and the student chapter

  1. Become a student member of OSA: 

    Go to the OSA homepage and choose to join by online registration.  

    Create an online account and log into your account.

    Register as a student member and pay the annual membership fee ($20 for one year, $50 for three years).

  2. Become a member of the Lund University student chapter through your account at the OSA homepage. We will be notified. 


If you want help to register to SPIE or OSA, do not hesitate to contact us. Just send an email to:

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