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Lund Attosecond Science Center

The Lund Attosecond Science Center (LASC) combines three collaborating research groups: Attosecond Physics: From lasers to applications (Cord Arnold, Anne L'Huillier); Attosecond XUV Spectroscopy (Johan Mauritsson), and Intense XUV Attosecond Physics (Per Johnsson). The aim of LASC is to study dynamics of matter with different attosecond light sources. These sources vary from intense XUV pulses (~µJ pulse energy) to high repetition rate attosecond pulses (~200 kHz), of interest for different applications. LASC has active collaborations with several groups both worldwide and at Lund University (Mathieu Gisselbrecht, Anders Mikkelsen, Department of Synchrotron Radiation Research). LASC belongs to the Lund Laser Centre (LLC), Laserlab-Sweden and Laserlab-Europe.  

Summer 2018

Winter 2015

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