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Journal publications

Slow Light

1. Using electric fields for pulse compression and group-velocity control
     Qian Li, Adam Kinos, Axel Thuresson, Lars Rippe, and Stefan Kröll
     Phys. Rev. A 95, 032104 (2017)

2. Slow-light-based optical frequency shifter
     Qian Li, Yupan Bao, Axel Thuresson, Adam N. Nilsson, Lars Rippe, and Stefan Kröll
     Phys. Rev. A 93, 043832 (2016)

3. Spectral Engineering of Slow Light, Cavity Line Narrowing, and Pulse Compression
     Mahmood Sabooni, Qian Li, Lars Rippe, R. Krishna Mohan, and Stefan Kröll
     Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 183602 (2013)

Ultrasound Optical Tomography

1. Characterization and modeling of acousto-optic signal strengths in highly scattering media
     A Bengtsson, D Hill, M Li, M Di, M Cinthio, T Erlöv, S Andersson-Engels, N Reistad, A Walther, L Rippe, and S Kröll
     Biomed. Opt. Express, 10, 11, 5565-5584 (2019)

2. Theoretical Study of Combined Acousto-optical Tomography and Slow Light Filters
     J Gunther, A Walther, L Rippe, S Kröll, and S Andersson-Engels
     OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America, 2018), paper OF1D.3 (2018)

3. Deep tissue imaging with acousto-optical tomography and spectral hole burning with slow light effect: a theoretical study
     J E. Gunther; A Walther; L Rippe; S Kröll; S Andersson-Engels
     J. of Biomedical Optics, 23(7), 071209 (2018)

4. Analysis of the potential for non-invasive imaging of oxygenation at heart depth, using ultrasound optical tomography (UOT) or photo-acoustic tomography (PAT)
     A Walther, L Rippe, L V. Wang, S Andersson-Engels, and S Kröll
     Biomed. Opt. Express, 8, 10, 4523-4536 (2017)

5. Deep-Tissue Optical Imaging and Photoactivation Activities at Biophotonics @Tyndall
     S Andersson-Engels, H Liu, M Mousavi, A Walther, L Rippe, and S Kröll
     OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2016), paper JW4A.118 (2016)

Quantum Computing

1. Inverse engineering of shortcut pulses for high fidelity initialization on qubits closely spaced in frequency
     Y Yan, Y Li, A Kinos, A Walther, C Shi, L Rippe, J Moser, S Kröll, and X Chen
     Opt. Express, 27, 6, 8267-8282 (2019)

2. A confocal optical microscope for detection of single impurities in a bulk crystal at cryogenic temperatures
     J Karlsson, L Rippe and S Kröll
     Rev Sci Instr 87, 033701 (2016)

3. High fidelity readout scheme for rare-earth solid state quantum computing
     A Walther, L Rippe, Yan Ying, J Karlsson, D Serrano, S Bengtsson and S Kröll
     Phys Rev A 92,022319 (2015)

4. Impact of ion-ion energy transfer on quantum computing schemes in rare-earth doped solids
     D Serrano, Y Yan, J Karlsson, L Rippe, A Walther, S Kröll, A Ferrier & P Goldner
     J of Luminescence, 151, 93-99 (2014)

5. Measurement of line-widths and permanent electric dipole moment change of the Ce 4f-5d transition in Y2SiO5 for a qubit readout scheme in rare-earth ion based quantum computing
     Ying Yan, J Karlsson, L Rippe, A Walther, D Serrano, S Kröll, P Goldner, D Lindgren, M-E Pistol, Lihe Zheng & Jun Xu
     Phys Rev B87, 184205 (2013)

6. Extracting high fidelity quantum computing hardware from random systems
     A Walther, B Julsgaard, L Rippe, Y Yan, S Kröll, R Fisher and S Glaser Proceedings of the Nobel symposium on qubits for future quantum computers, Göteborg
     Phys. Scr. T137, 014009 (2009)

7. Experimental quantum state tomography of a solid state qubit
     L Rippe, B Julsgaard, A Walther, Yan Ying, S Kröll
     Phys Rev A 77, 022307 (2008)

8. Scalable designs for quantum computing with rare-earth ion doped crystals
     J Wesenberg, K Mølmer, L Rippe and S Kröll
     Phys Rev A 75, 012304 (2007)

9. Experimental demonstration of efficient and selective population transfer and qubit distillation in a rare-earth-metal-ion-doped crystal
     L. Rippe, M Nilsson, S Kröll, R Klieber and D Suter
     Phys. Rev. A 71, 062328 (2005)

10. Holeburning techniques for isolation and study of individual hyperfine transitions in inhomogeneously broadened solids, demonstrated in Pr3+:Y2SiO5
     M Nilsson, L Rippe, S Kröll, R Klieber and D Suter
     Phys. Rev. B 70, 214116 (2004)     Errata Phys. Rev. B 71, 149902 (2005)

11. Quantum computing with an inhomogeneously broadened ensemble of ions: Suppression of errors from detuning variations by specially adapted pulses and coherent population trapping
     I Roos and K Mølmer
     Phys Rev A 69, 022321 (2004)

12. Initial experiments concerning quantum information processing in rare-earth-ion doped crystals
     M Nilsson, L Rippe, N Ohlsson, T Christiansson and S Kröll, Proceedings of the Jubilee Nobel Symposium "Coherence and Condensation" in Göteborg, Dec. 2001
     Physica Scripta, T102, 178-185 (2002)

13. Quantum computer hardware based on rare-earth-ion-doped inorganic crystals
     N Ohlsson, R. Krishna Mohan and S Kröll
     Opt. Commun. 201, 71-77 (2002)

Quantum Memories

1. Efficient quantum memory using a weakly absorbing sample
     M Sabooni, Qian Li, S Kröll & L Rippe
     Phys Rev Lett, 110, 133604 (2013)     (arXiv:1301.0636)

2. Storage and recall of weak coherent optical pulses with an efficiency of 25%
     M Sabooni, F Beaudoin, A Walther, N Lin, A Amari, M Huang and S Kröll
     Phys Rev Lett. 105, 060501 (2010)     (arXiv:0912.2525)

3. Demonstration of atomic frequency comb memory for light with spin-wave storage
     M Afzelius, I Usmani, A Amari, B Lauritzen, A Walther, C Simon, N Sangouard, J Minár, H de Riedmatten, N Gisin & S Kröll
(Editor´s Choice in Science 327, 923 (2010))
     Phys Rev Lett, 104, 040503 (2010)     (arXiv:0908.2309)

4. Quantum memory for non-stationary light fields based on controlled reversible inhomogeneous broadening
     B Kraus, W Tittel, N Gisin, M Nilsson, S Kröll, and J I Cirac
     Phys. Rev. A 73, 020302(R) (2006)     (arXiv:quant-ph/0502184)

5. Solid state quantum memory using complete absorption and re-emission of photons by tailored and externally controlled inhomogeneous absorption profiles
     M. Nilsson and S. Kröll
     Opt. Commun. 247, 393-403 (2005)

6. Experimental investigation of delayed self-interference of single photons
     N Ohlsson, M Nilsson and S Kröll
     Phys. Rev. A 68 063812 (2003)     (arXiv:quant-ph/0301157)

7. Complete reconstruction of the quantum state of a single-photon wave packet absorbed by a Doppler-broadened transition
     S A Moiseev and S Kröll
     Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 173601 (2001)

Laser Development

1. Understanding laser stabilization using spectral hole burning
     B. Julsgaard, A. Walther, S. Kröll and L. Rippe
     Opt. Express, 15, 11444-11465 (2007)     (see also "Laser stabilization using spectral hole burning", L. Rippe, B. Julsgaard, A. Walther and S. Kröll)

2. Mode-hop free electro-optically tuned diode laser
     L. Levin
     Opt. Lett. 27, 237-239 (2002)

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