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Master Projects

We have both experimental and theoretical MSc projects. If you would be interested to carry out an MSc project in the group please contact Stefan Kröll (see below on page) or any of the other group members.

Theoretical projects would typically involve computer simulation of light matter interaction schemes for our quantum memory or our quantum computing projects

Experimental projects would typically involve construction and then testing of equipment or devices for new experiments in actual measurement situations. The experimental projects can often have a distinct engineering character.


Examples of titles of MSc theses that has been carried out in the group:

 Diode laser frequency stabilization onto an optical cavity

Simulation and modelling of rare earth ion based quantum gate operations

Numerical simulations of Atomic frequency comb quantum memories for long term storage

Enhancing light-matter interaction using antenna effects

Magnetic field dependence of optical coherence times in quantum computer hardware based on Pr3+:Y2SiO5


A description of currently (2016-07-15) available MSc projects can be found here


Contact: Stefan Kröll 046-222 9626,

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