Atomic Physics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Previous diploma projects

Armand Dominguez
Phonon mode control of Black Phosphorus through polarized Raman excitation and detection (2019)

Eric Nilsson
Ultrafast Transient coherent Raman Microscopy(TRaM) (2019)

Axel Stenquist
Investigation of thermal conductivity in thin graphite films through time-resolved
X-ray diffraction (2019)

Åsa Bengtsson
Characterization of Terahertz Radiation Generated in an Organic Crystal, 2016 [link]

Carl Ekström
Generation of Short Intense Terahertz pulses Through Optical Rectification, 2015 [link]

Henrik Enquist
A Setup for Efficient Frequency Tripling of High-Power Femtosecond Lasers Pulses, 2004 [link]

Appendix: Software (matlab) [download]

Eva Danielsson
Evaluation of a New Experimental Geometry for Ultrafast Diffraction Experiments using a Laser Produced Plasma-Source Experimental Set-Up and Image Processing, 2003 [link]

Appendix: Photon counting software (matlab) [download]

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