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SPIE and OSA student chapters

Welcome to the Lund University SPIE  and OSA Student Chapters!

Our aim is to raise the knowledge of Photonics among our student members at Lund University through professional lectures, science fairs, lab tours and networking to the industry.  

We provide a link between students and the research groups at the department by regular talks, social events and information. We give students (PhD-students, master students and undergraduates) unique possibilities to reach outside Lund University and network in the international research community through conference grants and invited lecturers from all over the world.

In the menu bar to the left you can find information about events, how to join the chapters and more. Do you want to get involved?

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Lund University at OSA


Video Competition

We would like to hold an open video competition with two categories; General Optics/Photonics (for a public audience) and Optics/Photonics Research (for an academic audience).

  •  The General Optics/Photonics video should be a 2-3 minute video which explains a particular optics or photonics theory or technology for a non-academic audience.
  • The Optics/Photonics Research video should be a short 2-3 minute video which presents a current optics and photonics research project with a target academic audience.

The General Optics/Photonics video category is designed to be accessible to people of all ages and educational levels.  This category is aimed at developing videos to increase the knowledge and spread interest in the fields of optics and photonics.  Example topics could include; ‘Why the sky is blue’, ‘How rainbows are formed’ or ‘How light emitting diodes work’.

The Optics/Photonics Research video category is designed to present academic level research in an alternative medium to articles and theses.  The category is aimed encouraging people to present research topics in a concise, dynamic and informative way.   

The video should be:

  • Original work
  • 2-3 minutes in duration
  • In English (or Swedish - General Optics/Photonics video only).
  • Resolution of at least 1280x720 (720p HD) and it should be readable by VLC.
  • Submitted either as an email attachment or Dropbox folder or other online drive with a shared link to


Deadline for entries:

23:59:59 ("GMT+1") on Thursday April 30th, 2015.

Winning Entrants:

The best video in each category will win a cash prize of 1000SEK and the runner-up in each category will win 500SEK.

Prize giving ceremony:

Week 20 2015.  Location and exact date and time to be announced.

Official Rules can be found in the pdf (TERMS and CONDITIONS)



  • New games night! After the successful games night in October we are doing it again. Quiz, Khet game tounament and snacks!

    When?     9th of December 18.30
    Where?    K-space, solid state physics

  • We congratulate the optics community to TWO Nobel prizes 2014 (physics and chemistry)!

  • New boards were elected for the SPIE and OSA student chapters 2015! The new boards will already now start helping out with grants and activities since several people of the board of 2014 have left Lund. The new boards are:

    President: Karolina Dorozynska
    Vice President: Isabel Gallardo
    Secretary: Vishal Jain
    Treasurer: Maité Louisy

    President: Samuel Bengtsson
    Vice President: Adam Nilsson
    Secretary: Sandhra Valdma
    Treasurer: Helene Coudert

    We look forward to the international Year Of Light 2015!!

    Read the meeting protocol.

Lively discussions around the meeting table.

Group picture.

Mario Agio is visiting.

Lecture by Sune Svanberg.

Lecture by Hans Landström.

Lecture by Anne L'Huillier

All 210 students from 40 countries attending the student leadership workshop in San Diego, August 2014.

Jenny represented the student chapter at SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego in August 2014.

Close to 30 students, PhD-students and researchers in optics gathered one evening to play Laser Dome!

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SPIE student chapter board members

President: Haisol Kim

Vice-President: Lisa Rämisch

Secretary: Rima Zuriah Amdani

Treasurer: Karolina Dorozynska

OSA student chapter board members

President: Haisol Kim

Vice-President: Yupan Bao

Secretary: Christoffer Pichler

Treasurer: Karolina Dorozynska

Faculty advisor

Stefan Kröll

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