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Map over Division of Atomic Physics

The Atomic Physics Division is located in the A-building of the Department of Physics. The entrances to the Physics Department are pointed out by the arrows. In the entrance hall there is also a reception. All rooms have a label that starts with a letter, telling the building and then a number where the first digit corresponds to the floor. The room numbers can be found on the internal link to the staff list below. The entrance hall is located on floor 2. The Atomic Physics Division is located on floor 1, 2, and 3 in the A-building (rooms A1xx, A2xx and A3xx respectively).

staff list

Map over LTH (in swedish) (pdf, 64 kB)

Map of LU institutions (in swedish) (pdf, 272 kB)

Travel information


Trains can be taken through Denmark to Sweden over the Öresund bridge. Get off at Lund C and from there you can take the public transportation buses to the Physics Department. 

Public transportation - Skånetrafiken

The public transportation is managed by Skånetrafiken. You can find the link to their webpage below. There you can find departure times and ticket prices. They also have an app, called Skånetrafiken, where you can search for departures and buy tickets. To understand how to use the app, you can watch the youtube video on the link below. Two bus stops that are close to the Physics Department are Lund Fysiologen and Lund Professorsgatan.

Skånetrafiken's webpage (in swedish)

Youtube video on how to use the Skånetrafiken app


There are two airports close to Lund. One is Malmö Airport (Sturup), situated about 25 km south of Lund. The other one is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) in Denmark, situated about 55 km from Lund.

From Malmö Airport there is a bus service - Flygbussarna - from the airport to central Lund several times a day. The timetable and information about these buses can be found on their webpage below.

Flygbussarna timetable

From Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) you can get to Malmö and Lund by train over the Öresund Bridge. Trains depart every 20 minutes. The ticket can be bought at the airport for approximately 150 SEK or with the Skånetrafiken app. Some of the trains continue directly from Malmö to Lund, some stop at Malmö and you have to change to a local commuter train. Departure times can be found at Skånetrafiken's webpage or app.


Are you coming by car from Denmark you can go over the Öresund Bridge. There is a fee for going over the bridge. For price and information about the bridge, go to their website through the link below.

Öresundbron prices


Phone: +46 46 222 7660 

Lund University main phone
+46 46 222 00 00


Postal address

Department of Physics
Atomic Physics
Lund University
Box 118
SE-221 00 Lund

Visiting address

Professorsgatan 1
223 63 Lund

Billing address

Lund University
Your ref./Atomic Physics
Box 188
SE-221 00 Lund

Delivery address

Department of Physics
Atomic Physics
Lund University
Sölvegatan 14
SE-223 62 Lund