Atomic Physics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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FAFN01-FYSN14 Lasers



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About the course

The course “Lasers” presents the physical principles of lasers and gives an orientation on the different types of lasers and laser techniques. We will discuss the nessecary parts of a laser (resonators and amplifiers), the physics behind the function (interaction between photons and atoms) and the specific properties which defines a laser (beam optics).

It is a course (A level), optional for F4, E4, N4, Pi4, also open to students of the Science faculty.


The aim of the course is the give the students a deeper knowledge about modern Laser Physics. This course provides both theoretical and hands on experience of lasers. It goes from the basics of lasers using quantum mechanics and electromagnetic field theory to the research front within some aspects of the physics of lasers. The students will be exposed to He-Ne, diode, dye and solid-state lasers. The course includes: interaction between light and matter, optical resonators, lasers and laser amplifiers.


Administrative info

Course code Technical Faculty: FAFN01

Course code Science Faculty: FYSN14

University credits: 7.5 ECTS

Term: Fall 2

Grading scale: TH

Level: A

Language of instruction: English

Course coordinators: Olle Lundh, Jörgen Larsson

Recommended prerequisites: Basic Physics, Mathematics and Optics.

Assessment: Written exam, two mandatory laboratory exercises and one ray-tracing project.

Lectures: 26 h

Exercises: 12 h

Laboratory work: 10 h