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FAFN05-FYST21 Light-Matter Interaction

About the course

The aim of the course “Light-matter interaction” is to give the student advanced knowledge on the quantum-mechanical interaction between light and matter and its application in different research fields, such as laser cooling, atoms in strong fields and quantum computers.

The course follows the basic course for F3 students "Atomic and nuclear physics and applications" and uses the same book: "Atomic Physics" by C. J. Foot. Bases in Atomic Physics and Quantum Mechanics are required.

It is a course (A level) for students in physics of the Engineering and Science faculties. We welcome PhD and exchange students!

Administrative info

Course code Engineering Faculty: FAFN05

Course code Science Faculty: FYST21

University credits: 7.5 ECTS

Term: Spring 1

Grading scale: TH

Level: A

Language of instruction: English

Course coordinator: Anne L'Huillier

Recommended prerequisites: Basic courses in Atomic Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

Assessment: Written exam. Assignments. Mandatory laboratory exercises with written report. Project with oral presentation.

Lectures: 26 h

Exercises: 12 h

Laboratory work: 10 h

Information to the students