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FAFN10-FYST32 Advanced Optics and Lasers

Welcome to Advanced Optics and Lasers!

From 2020 and on the course material is available on Canvas


The aim of the course “Advanced  Optics and Lasers” is to give students knowledge on techniques for creating and manipulating laser light and laser pulses This course provides both theoretical and hands on experience of lasers and non-linear optics. It goes from the basics to the research front within some aspects of the physics of lasers. The students will be exposed to lasers providing ultrashort pulses, non-linear crystals and light modulators. 

The course includes: Frequency conversion, fast amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and mode-locking and photon optics. It is an A level course, optional for F4, E4, N4, Pi4, also adapted for students of the Science faculty.

Administrative info

Course code: FAFN10 (LTH) FYST32 (Sci. Fac.)

University credits: 7.5 ECTS

Term: Spring 2

Grading scale: TH

Level: A

Language of Instruction: English

Course Coordinators:Jörgen Larsson, Stefan Kröll

Recommended Qualifications: Basic courses in Optics and Laser Physics.

Assessment: Written exam. Compulsory laboratory exercises with written reports

Lectures: 26 h

Exercises: 16 h

Laboratory work: 10 h