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WACQT Lab course

Welcome to the homepage for the WACQT Rare earth qubit lab

The lab takes place September 27-29.  The laboratory exercise is made in groups of four. The 27th there will be an introductory lecture and preparations for the lab. The 28th and 29th there will be parallel activities. The 28th some groups will carry out the lab and the other groups will visit labs and research groups in Lund and the 29th the groups will switch. We might run one group also the 27th.

Copy of the slides from the introductory lecture by Andreas Walther

Laser safety

To make sure that you have safe routines inside a laser lab you need to watch a laser safety move. For students enrolled at Lund University this is connected with also passing a quiz.

However, for a single occasion as we have here with the WACQT lab we may be allowed to make it a little bit less strict. You do need to watch the movie(s) before carrying out the lab, but you will not need to pass a quiz. As you do not have access to the internal Lund University pages we instead provide a youtube link with the movie(s). (You may need to click away the adds.)

If you have not worked with lasers before, please look at the movie "Introduction to Lasers" before looking at the laser safety movie.

Introduction to Lasers

Below you can find a youtube link to the Laser Safety Movie

Laser Safety Movie

Detailed schedule

The program will start at 14.15 27/9 and finish 17.00 29/9.

You can find a link to the schedule in the column to the right


Please read the lab instructions before you come to Lund. It will definitely be helpful for making better use of the introductory lecture.

You can find the lab instructions in the column to the right.


After the lab you need to write a report. In the report you will describe the rare-earth qubit system and the mechanism for qubit-qubit interaction and how this can be used for gate operations. Then there will also be a number of specific questions in the lab instruction that you will need to answer. There will be one report per group.