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The written exam will consist of 6 problems giving at most 4 points each, i.e. a maximum of 24, testing your theoretical understanding as well as your problem-solving skills. A passing grade will require 12 and “väl godkänd” 19 points.

A perfect solution to all optional hand-in problems will give you a maximum of 3 + 3 = 6 points to be added to your result on the exam. These extra points are only valid on the first two examination opportunities. 

Your final grade will be the weighted average of your grade on the labs and the result on the written exam according to:
Grade=(2.5*Lab + 5*exam)/7.5.

First exam: Friday 22/3, 14 - 19 in Vic 3

Reexamination: August 2019, exacy date will be given later. You must sign up for the reexamination!

Sample exams with suggested solutions:

Some useful formulae that you may use on the exam. The printed version that will be handed out during the exam will also contain the page from the TeFyMa table giving the values of most physical constants.