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Laboratory exercises

The course contains 3 compulsory full-day laboratory exercises. To each of these there are preparatory questions that must be solved (at least partially) by each student individually before you are allowed to begin the labs. This is to ensure that you get the most out of the experience in the limited (8 h) time allocated.

For the Zeeman and the two-electron lab you must write a good and detailed lab report. The quality of your work during the lab and your reports will contribute to your grade on the lab part of the course. The diode laser lab ends in an oral discussion without any further report and is only graded as pass or fail.

Your final grade on the course will be the weighted average of the lab part and the result on the written exam according to:
Grade=(2.5*Lab + 5*exam)/7.5.

The Zeeman effect

Two-electron Systems

Diode Laser Spectroscopy

Where to find the labs  All labs start at 9.15

Guidelines on how to write a good lab report - summary of discussions 2014.

If you want to write your reports using the type-setting software LaTeX you may find the following file useful. Example of a comand file in LaTeX.