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Literature and links

Updated 170116.

The lectures will mostly reference the books by Thorne et al., Foot and McMurry, as seen in the Lecture Plan. However, there are many other books that will serve you just as well.

Books on Atomic Physics
A. Thorne, U. Litzén, S. Johansson, Spectrophysics, Principles and Applications, available from Media-Tryck, Sölvegatan 14 (There are a few copies in the Physics and Astronomy libraries and one reference copy is always available)

Christopher J. Foot, Atomic Physics, Oxford University Press.
Available as an e-book (A few copies and one reference are available in the Physics library)

Wolfgang Demtröder, Atoms, Molecules, and Photons, Springer (available as an e-book)

Hermann Haken, Hans Christoph Wolf, The Physics of Atoms and Quanta, Springer (available as e-book)
A few copies are also available in the Physics Library)

Books on Quantum Mechanics
Any good textbook on quantum mechanics, e.g.:
McMurry, Quantum Mechanics (available at Media-Tryck). A few copies are available from the Physics  library. One reference copy is always available.
Gunnar Ohle'n, Phenomena of the Quantum World. Media-Tryck. Currently no books in the library.

A short document (in Swedish) describing the handling of unceratinties in experimental data can be found here  


The periodic table of elements (Enormous data base with all properties of the elements)

Many important and trustworthy data bases with spectroscopic data.
Start by clicking on an element in the periodic table to the left, then choose e.g. "Levels" to see all the experimentally known energy levels in the selected ionization stage.

Clebsch-Gordan coefficient calculator 
If you encounter security problems running this Java script, see solution here

Relative intensities in an LS-multiplet

A nice discussion of the LCAO method to obtain molecular orbitals in H2+.

Latest value of the fundamental constants

Photonics Course Package:  Elective courses in Optics, Atomic- and Laser-physics given by the division of Atomic Physics LTH

Laser - principer och tillämpningar (in Swedish) Se länkar i högerkolumnen

Amazing images of the sun in different spectral regions recorded by the SOHO satellite

Images from NASA (planets and galaxes......)

Fusion energy (JET tokamak and the next generation ITER)

Max-Lab in Lund