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Modern Trends in Basic and Applied Laser Spectroscopy


April 6-7, 2010

A successful symposium was held in connection with the retirement of Professor Sune Svanberg, to honour his many outstanding contributions in the field of laser spectroscopy over the last 40 years. The topics covered included fields where Sune Svanberg has made pioneering contributions.

Venue: Palaestra by Lund University Main Building, Lund, Sweden (map)

Invited speakers:

Precision spectroscopy: Theodor Hänsch, Germany

Lasers: Orazio Svelto, Italy

Environmental monitoring: Giovanna Cecchi, Italy

Laser spectroscopy: Emile Biémont, Belgium

High-intensity laser interaction with matter: Wolfgang Sandner, Germany and Hans Hertz, Sweden

Lasers in medicine: Irving J. Bigio, USA, Hubert van den Bergh, Switzerland and Jonas Johansson, Sweden

Laser-based combustion diagnostics: Jürgen Wolfrum, Germany

Laser spectroscopy in developing countries: Ahmadou Wague, Senegal 


Pictures from the symposium

List of Participants

Ingvar Lindgren's After Dinner Speech

Sune Svanberg Concluding Talk

Symposium Program

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