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Master's Projects

At this page you can find the current available master's projects. If you would like to do your master's project in our group or if you have any questions about the projects, please contact Anne L'Huillier, Tel. +46 46 222 76 61

Implementation of the dispersion scan technique for Mid IR radiation


The project consists in adapting the successful ultrashort pulse characterization technique d-scan to a new wavelength regime, the mid infrared wavelength range. This project includes a lot of interesting optics, second harmonic generation, ultrashort laser pulses, with hands on experience on a modern laser system.

Understanding the "rings" in high-order harmonic generation

The project consists in learning to use a newly-developed MATLAB code for the propagation of high-order harmonic generation in gases, with aim to understand the apparition of rings in space and frequency spectrum. This project is mostly about simulations but could include participating to experiments as well.

Optimizing high-order harmonic generation around 50 eV

Interesting applications in atomic or molecular physics require strong XUV radiation in the 40-50 eV range. This project consists in generating high order harmonics in atomic and molecular gases and to optimize the radiation strength in the 40-50 eV range. 

Measuring the wavefront of XUV radiation

This project consists in assembling and testing an instrument for the measurement of the wavefront of XUV radiation. At the same time, a nonlinear signal will be recorded. One aim is to correlate the strength of the signal with the spatial characteristics of the radiation.