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Open Positions

If there are any positions open, they are linked below. If there are no positions open at the moment, you are welcome to email us to indicate your interest to become a member of the group.

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Open position

Doctoral student in Physics with focus on Atomic and Laser Physics

We propose four different projects:

  1. Attosecond electron wave packets. The project consists of studying the quantum state of electron wavepackets generated by absorption of attosecond light pulses. This includes the development of methods for measurements of the wavepacket coherence properties. The project contains theory and experiments at the attosecond laboratory.
  2. Electron pair entanglement. The project consists of creating an entangled electron pair via double ionization of an atom and of characterizing it. The project is mainly experimental using a high repetition rate attosecond pulse source and three-dimensional photoelectron spectroscopy.
  3. Laser development and applications. The goal is to continue the development of a short-pulse laser system in the infrared range (1.8 mm) and to explore applications, especially the generation of attosecond pulses with high photon energy.
  4. Intense attosecond pulses in the extreme ultraviolet range. The project includes the development, optimisation and characterization of a laser-driven source of intense attosecond pulses together with studies of ultrafast dynamics in atoms, molecules or plasmas with these pulses.

Last application date: 30 September 2021

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