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FAFN25-FYST14 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy


Welcome to the 2019 course in Atomic & molecular spectroscopy!

The introductory lecture will take place in room H322 Tuesday September 3rd 10.15-12.00.

Most welcome,

Stefan Kröll

Joakim Bood

Lars Rippe



The aim of the course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the many powerful methods provided by modern atomic- and molecular spectroscopy regarding basic studies as well as practical applications.


Review of atomic and molecular structure. Radiative and scattering processes including resonant radiation, Rayleigh, Raman and Mie scattering. Synchrotron radiation. Optical spectroscopy including light sources, spectrally resolving instruments, detectors and techniques for optical analysis. Tuneable lasers, single mode operation, different laser types. Laser spectroscopy including time-resolved and high resolution laser spectroscopy. Laser spectroscopic applications, such as laser diagnostics in combustion, medical applications etc. Demonstrations: Synchrotron radiation, laser-radar, coherent Raman spectroscopy in combustion diagnostics, remote sensing applications.

Administrative info

Course code Science Faculty: FYST14

University credits: 7.5 ECTS

Term: Fall 1

Grading scale: TH

Level: A

Language of instruction: English

Course coordinator: Stefan Kröll

Lecturers 2018: Stefan Kröll, Joakim Bood, Lars Rippe

Admission Specifics: The course might be cancelled if less than 8 applicants.

Recommended prerequisites: Basic Atomic Physics and Quantum Mechanics; i.e. FAFF10 for F students and FAF240 for N students, or equivalent knowledge.

Assessment: Written examination and passed projects and laboratory exercises.

Lectures: 22 h

Projects: 10 h

Demonstrations: 6 h

Exercises: 6 h

Laboratory work: 12 h