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April 22

In the project assignment list to the right you can see which project you have been assigned, who you will be doing the project together with (x:es are working together and y:s are working together) and presentation date. If you did not get your first or second choice, got the wrong partner or if you got the wrong presentation date, please contact the course responsible.

A description of the projects for 2019 can be found in the "project" link at the right hand side of the page.

You can choose project by sending a mail to or by handing a note with your choices to one of the lecturers. You can sign up alone or in pairs. If you sign up alone you will be grouped in pairs with an other person who also has signed up alone . When you sign up, you specify your first second and third choice for project. We will try to give as many as possible their favorite choice. However this will be under the constraint of not having more than two groups on each project. You can give your preferred presentation date, May 29th or June 3rd, and if there is one of the dates which is impossible for you you should write this too.