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Group Members

Senior Staff

Stefan Kröll

Professor, Group Leader

Research interests:

Quantum information and quantum optics in crystals doped with rare earth ions.

Brief professional biography:

From his PhD years in Lund under the supervision of Sune Svanberg, Stefan has a background on fundamental laser spectroscopy on free atoms. He also spent one year in Boulder, Colorado doing course work and undertaking a small project in the Lab of John Hall during his PhD years. During his postdoc years I worked in the group of Marcus Aldén in Lund with theory and modeling of non-linear optical processes. In particular this concerned the application of Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy for Combustion diagnostics. During a period as visiting scientist at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA, USA he worked with coherent light-matter interactions in rare earth ion doped crystals including both fundamental aspects and applications to optical storage and processing. This was an area which he continued to work in after returning to Sweden and Lund. Eventually he also became interested to investigate and explore the possibilities to use rare earth ion doped inorganic crystals for quantum information purposes and that has been a main focus since he became full professor at the Division of Atomic Physics in Lund in 1999. He now heads the Quantum Information Group.

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Office: A227

Lars Rippe

University Lecturer

Phone: +46 462229620
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Office: A228

Andreas Walther

2012-present: Researcher/Assistant Professor, Lund

2010-2012: Postdoc (Ion traps), Mainz University

His main research area is quantum optics and quantum information processing using rare-earth materials. In particular, his focus is on using a micro-cavity to enhance emissions from weak rare-earth emitters and to use this system as building block for scalable quantum information processing.

Phone: +46 462229625
Office: A227 

Post Docs

Sebastian Horvath

Adam Kinos

2018-Present : Post Doc, Lund
2014-2018 : PhD student, Atomic Physics, Lund University
2008-2013 : MSc in Engineering Physics, Lund University

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Office: A229

PhD Students

David Gustavsson

2019- present: PhD student

Phone: +46 46 222 8370
Fax: +46 46 222 4250
Office: A209


2019- present: PhD student
2017-2018: MSc in Physics, University of Beni-Suef, Egypt

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Office: A303


M.Sc/B.Sc students

Former Members

Chunyan Shi

2017-2019: Researcher, Lund

2014-2017: Postdoc at PTB,Germany

Yan Ying

Project: Quantum Computing
Graduation year: 2013

Mahmood Sabooni

Project: Quantum Memory
Graduation year: 2013
Web: about Mahmood Sabooni

Jenny Karlsson

Project: Quantum Computing