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International Collaborations

Today research is highly international and we collaborate with groups all over the world. Collaboration with research groups within the European union countries is particularly strong. A list of examples is given below:

We have coordinated the projects: 

  • Rare Earth Quantum Computing hardware (REQC hardware)
  • Experimental realisation of quantum gates and development of Scalable Quantum computer schemes In Rare-Earth-ion-doped inorganic crystals (ESQUIRE)

with participants groups Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, France, Århus University, Denmark, Chimie ParisTech, France and Caen University, France.

We have participated in the projects: 

  • Quantum repeaters for long distance fiber based quantum communication (QuRep) 
  • Coherent Information Processing in Rare-earth Ion doped Solids (CIPRIS)

together with among others Geneva University and Id Quantique, Switzerland, Darmstadt University, Dortmund University, University of Paderborn, Germany, Pisa University, Italy and Institut de Ciences Fotonique, Barcelona, Spain

Participated in European projects:

  • Quantum Information Processing and communication (Quiprocone) - led by Bristol University
  • Qubit Applications - led by Oxford University

Other cooperations outside the European Union:

Outside the European Union we have for example cooperated with Kazan University, Russia, Texas A & M University and Montana State University, USA, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China. Typically such cooperation would take the form of joint scientific papers and/or joint experiments in Lund or abroad. Our international contacts are of key importance for pushing our research forward