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Theses publications

PhD Theses

(2023) David Hill - Development of Models, Methods, and Materiel for Deep Tissue Imaging using Light, Ultrasound, and Spectral-Hole Burning

David Hill Thesis Overview (2023)

David Hill Thesis Pdf (2023)

(2022) Hafsa Syed - Nuclear spin interactions and coherent control in rare-earth-ion-doped crystals for quantum computing

Hafsa Syed Thesis Overview (2022)

Hafsa Syed Thesis Pdf (2022)

(2022) Mohammed Alqedra - Towards Single-Ion Detection and Single-Photon Storage in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Crystals

Mohammed Alqedra Thesis Overview (2022)

Mohammed Alqedra Thesis Pdf (2022)

(2022) Alexander Bengtsson - Material and technique development for ultrasound optical tomography using spectral hole burning filters

Alexander Bengtsson Thesis Overview (2022)

Alexander Bengtsson Thesis Pdf (2022)

(2018) Qian Li - Quantum memory development and new slow light applications in rare-earth-ion-doped crystals

Qian Li Thesis Overview (2018)

Qian Li Thesis Pdf (2018)

(2018) Adam Kinos - Light-matter interaction and quantum computing in rare-earth-ion-doped crystals

Adam Kinos Thesis Overview (2018)

Adam Kinos Thesis Pdf (2018)

(2015) Jenny Karlsson - Cerium as a quantum state probe for rare-earth qubits in a crystal

Jenny Karlsson Thesis Overview (2015)

Jenny Karlsson Thesis Pdf (2015)

(2013) Ying Yan - Towards single Ce ion detection in a bulk crystal for the development of a single-ion qubit readout scheme

Ying Yan Thesis Overview (2013)

Ying Yan Thesis Pdf (2013)

(2013) Mahmood Sabooni - Efficient quantum memories based on spectral engineering of rare-earth-ion-doped solids

Mahmood Sabooni Thesis Overview (2013)

Mahmood Sabooni Thesis Pdf (2013)

(2010) Atia Amari - Towards Efficient Quantum Memories in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Solids

Atia Amari Thesis Overview (2010)

Atia Amari Thesis Pdf (2010)

(2009) Andreas Walther - Coherent Processes in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Solids

Andreas Walther Thesis Overview (2009)

Andreas Walther Thesis Pdf (2009)

(2006) Lars Rippe - Quantum computing with naturally trapped sub-nanometre-spaced ions

Lars Rippe Thesis Overview (2006)

Lars Rippe Thesis Pdf (2006)

(2005) Mattias Nilsson - Coherent Interactions in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Crystals for Applications in Quantum Information Science

Mattias Nilsson Thesis Overview (2005)

Mattias Nilsson Thesis Pdf (2005)

(2003) Nicklas Ohlsson - Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Processing in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Crystals

Nicklas Ohlsson Thesis Overview (2003)

Nicklas Ohlsson Thesis Pdf (2003)

Master Theses

(2023) Antonius Johannes Renders - Distortion and attenuation free gain-assisted Superluminal Propagtion in a Rare-Earth Doped Crystal

Antonius Johannes Renders Master Thesis Pdf (2023)

(2023) Ibtisam Ahmed - Improving the experimental setup for ultrasound-optical tomography imaging

Ibtisam Ahmed Master Thesis Pdf (2023)

(2023) Henrik von Friesendorff - Evaluating image analysis techniques for ultrasound optical tomography in breast tissue

Henrik von Friesendorff Master Thesis Pdf (2023)

(2020) Arvid Rolander - Density Matrix Simulation of Quantum Error Correction

Arvid Rolander Master Thesis Pdf (2020)

(2019) Vassily Kornienko - Single Ion Detection of Cerium in Y2SiO5 Microcrystals

Vassily Kornienko Master Thesis Pdf (2019)

(2018) Mengqiao di - Preparation of Materials for Deep Tissue Imaging with Slow Light

Mengqiao di Master Thesis Pdf (2018)

(2018) Meng Li - Developing a technique for combining light and ultrasound for deep tissue imaging

Meng Li Master Thesis Pdf (2018)

(2017) Alexander Bengtsson - Experimental Implementation of a Fiber Noise Cancellation System for Slow Light Laser Locking

Alexander Bengtsson Master Thesis Pdf (2017)

(2017) Ivan Sytcevich - Investigation of phase conjugation for medical imaging

Ivan Sytcevich Master Thesis Pdf (2017)

(2017) Koray Dinçer - The Implementation of the Frequency-Time Encoded Decoy-State Protocol with the Slow-Light Effect for Quantum Memories

Koray Dinçer Master Thesis Pdf (2017)

(2016) Mohammad Tasnimul Haque - Optical Fiber Phase Noise Cancellation for Slow Light Crystal Cavity Locking

Mohammad Tasnimul Haque Master Thesis Pdf (2016)

(2016) Yupan Bao - Development of a Tunable Frequency Shift Filter Using a Praseodymium Doped Y2SiO5-Crystal

Yupan Bao Master Thesis Pdf (2016)

(2015) Teodor Strömberg - Laser Stabilisation Using a Slow Light Cavity

Teodor Strömberg Master Thesis Pdf (2015)

(2015) Philip Dalsbecker - Development of narrow-bandwidth filters for the suppression of scattered light for optical and ultrasound analysis of tissue

Philip Dalsbecker Master Thesis Pdf (2015)

(2015) Karolina Dorozynska - Designing an Experiment to Investigate Slow Light Effects in Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators

Karolina Dorozynska Master Thesis Pdf (2015)

(2014) Robin Ekelund - Retrieval of cavity embedded absorption spectrum for quantum memory applications

Robin Ekelund Master Thesis Pdf (2014)

(2014) Martynas Solovejus - Saturation Intensity of Rare Earth Ions Doped Crystals

Martynas Solovejus Master Thesis Pdf (2014)

(2014) Sijia Huang - Development of a temperature control system for spectroscopic measurements with rare-earth doped crystals

Sijia Huang Master Thesis Pdf (2014)

(2013) Tobias Bladh - Single ion detection setup

Tobias Bladh Master Thesis Pdf (2013)

(2013) Xingqiu Zhao - Diode laser frequency stabilization onto an optical cavity

Xingqiu Zhao Master Thesis Pdf (2013)

(2012) Samuel Bengtsson - Simulation and modeling of Rare earth ion based quantum gate operations

Samuel Bengtsson Master Thesis Pdf (2012)

(2012) Fredrik Nilsson - Numerical Simulations of Atomic Frequency Comb Quantum Memories for Long Term Storage

Fredrik Nilsson Master Thesis Pdf (2012)

(2012) Anders Rönnholm - Fiber noise cancellation

Anders Rönnholm Master Thesis Pdf (2012)

(2011) Samuel Tornibue Kometa - Quantum state storage in a rare-earth doped crystal, which sits inside a cavity

Samuel Tornibue Kometa Master Thesis Pdf (2011)

(2011) Adam Wiman - Laser stabilization to low-expansion Fabry-Pérot cavity

Adam Wiman Master Thesis Pdf (2011)

(2011) Axel Thuresson - Numerical simulations of highly efficient quantum memories

Axel Thuresson Master Thesis Pdf (2011)

(2010) Jenny Karlsson - Enhancing light-matter interaction using antenna effects

Jenny Karlsson Master Thesis Pdf (2010)

(2006) Johan Tholén - On the construction of an experimental setup for detection of cerium in Y2SiO5

Johan Tholén Master Thesis Pdf (2006)

(2006) Magnus Trägårdh - Magnetic Field Dependence of Optical Coherence Times in Quantum Computer Hardware Based on Pr3+:Y2SiO5

Magnus Trägårdh Master Thesis Pdf (2006)

(2006) Emad Hubainy - Coherent Light Matter Interaction Pulse Propagation in Absorbing Materials

Emad Hubainy Master Thesis Pdf (2006)

(2006) Julio E Hernández - Spectroscopy in Ce3+:Y2SiO5 A preliminary investigation for a single ion readout scheme for quantum computation with rare-earth ion doped crystals

Julio E Hernández Master Thesis Pdf (2006)

(2005) Niklas Christensson - Quantum Interference in an Organic Solid

Niklas Christensson Master Thesis Pdf (2005)

(2004) Karin Hellqvist - Analysis and Experiments in Preparation for Quantum State Storage in a Gas of Rubidium Atoms

Karin Hellqvist Master Thesis Pdf (2004)

(2004) Linda Haals - Coherent Control of Quantum States

Linda Haals Master Thesis Pdf (2004)

(2004) Andreas Walther - Investigation of Equipment and Processes that limit Photon Echo Signal Processing

Andreas Walther Master Thesis Pdf (2004)

(2003) Marito Olsson-Forsberg - Transient Spectral Hole-Burning in Pr : Y2SiO5

Marito Olsson-Forsberg Master Thesis Pdf (2003)

(2003) Ingela Roos - Theoretical Investigation of Robust Quantum Computing in Rare-Earth-Ion Doped Crystals

Ingela Roos Master Thesis Pdf (2003)

(2003) Fredrik Vestin - Spin Coherence Excitation in Pr3+ :Y2SiO5

Fredrik Vestin Master Thesis Pdf (2003)

(2002) Robert Saers - Stabilising A Ring Dye Laser to Iodine Transitions for Quantum Computing and Photon Echoes

Robert Saers Master Thesis Pdf (2002)

(2001) Markus Persson - Stark Shifts and Ion-Ion Interaction in Europium Doped YAlO3 - On the Road to Quantum Computing

Markus Persson Master Thesis Pdf (2001)

(2001) Tomas Christiansson - A First Step Towards Quantum Computing in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Crystals

Tomas Christiansson Master Thesis Pdf (2001)

(2001) Mattias Kuldkepp - Construction and Design of A High-Power Double-Pass Laser-Diode Amplifier

Mattias Kuldkepp Master Thesis Pdf (2001)

(2001) Anna Fragemann - Design and Construction of A Laser Display and A New Electro-Optic Modulator

Anna Fragemann Master Thesis Pdf (2001)

(2000) Mattias Nilsson - Multi-Bit Data Storage Using Photon Echoes

Mattias Nilsson Master Thesis Pdf (2000)

(2000) Lars Levin (now Rippe) - Construction and Design of An Electro-Optically Tunable Mode-Hop Free External Cavity Diode Laser

Lars Levin (now Rippe) Master Thesis Pdf (2000)

(2000) Lars Borgström - Konstruktion och Test av En Regenerativ Fiberförstärkare Baserad på En Optisk Ringkavitet

Lars Borgström Master Thesis Pdf (2000)

(1999) Mikael Afzelius - Theoretical Modelling of Temporal Compression of Optical Pulses and Pulse Sequences Using Photon Echoes

Mikael Afzelius Master Thesis Pdf (1999)

Bachelor Theses

(2019) Andre Nüsslein - A Fabry–Pérot Cavity for Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Nanocrystals

Andre Nüsslein Bachelor Thesis Pdf (2019)

(2017) Vassily Kornienko - Sensitivity of Various Qubit Detection Methods in Pr:Y2SiO5

Vassily Kornienko Bachelor Thesis Pdf (2017)

(2015) Pernilla Helmer - High fidelity operations in a europium doped inorganic crystal

Pernilla Helmer Bachelor Thesis Pdf (2015)

(2015) Sofia Borgå - Influence of Ion-Ion Interactions on Single Qubit State Transfer Fidelities

Sofia Borgå Bachelor Thesis Pdf (2015)

(2012) Viktor Nordblom - Construction of Radiofrequency circuits for longer Coherence times in Rare-Earth Ions

Viktor Nordblom Bachelor Thesis Pdf (2012)